Go the Extra Mile

Go the extra mile

A thoughtful approach to customer service can minimize the time and money spent on returns. Quality matters more to customers than sellers think. Here are a few ways to stand out with your deliveries/shipments. Don’t be afraid to let your customers know that they are buying from a real person and not a faceless entity.

  • Incorporating a note of gratitude to your customers is a great way to thank your customers for continuing to consider your store when they want a little indulgence.
  • There are other ways to show your thanks, too: a gift or sample in each order, post-purchase discounts, and handwritten thank-you notes are all great ideas. A card with business information is even the simplest reminder of where they have purchased from a unique Arizona business!
  • Are you delivering locally? Consider adding something small in the packaging or training your delivery driver about where to place and how upon delivery to the customer’s home.
  • Offer gift-wrapping. Create this as an add-on product in your store and take the stress off of gift-giving for your customers! If enough vendors request this, we will consider allowing an extra spot just for gift-wrap!
  • Follow up! If you have time, follow up on orders. Something as simple as an email will make a big impact on customers.

Social Media Toolkit

Represent your brand and drive traffic to your Shop Arizona Marketplace store utilizing the resources below. If you haven’t yet, join us on our Facebook group exclusively for members of Local First Arizona. Our members are always happy to lend a helping hand!


Files below are sized for all social media platforms!

Examples of Posts

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Resource Guides

How to Use Hashtags On Instagram Effectively
Wondering how to use hashtags on Instagram? You’re not alone.

Social Media Best Practices to Boost Your Personal Brand
A strong social media presence is the foundation from which you can build a world-conquering brand.

Optimal Posting Practices for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in 2021
While social media has played a significant role in our communications landscape for the last decade, many organizations still struggle to understand the best practices, and effective versus non-effective approaches on the various social channels.

How to Create a Social Media Style Guide
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Photography Tips

How to Photograph the Product

  • Use natural light and no flash.
  • Include a familiar object for scale.
  • Show the item being held, worn, or used.
  • Shoot against a clean, simple background.
  • If you are selling a third-party product, feel free to use the graphics already provided.  
  • You don’t need to have a professional camera, but understand your smartphone’s camera settings! 
  • Smartphone cameras have lots of options (i.e., portrait mode)
  • Wipe off the camera lens!
  • Composition Matters
  • Follow the rule of thirds.
  • Change up the angle (instead of capturing your subject straight on, try from a lower or higher angle to see what that produces)
  • Get different versions (Horizontal & Vertical)

Tips and Guides for DIY Photography

How to Remove Metadata From Images

What is metadata? Photo metadata is information that is stored in a file that is not typically visible to the end-user.

It is not required to remove metadata from your photos you upload; however, there may be information attached you may not want to be public. Remember that both iOS and Android have different third party apps you can download, but here are steps for each device if you would like to do it yourself. 


  1. Locate the photo you wish to alter
  2. Right-click it
  3. From the popup window, select ‘Properties.’
  4. A window will open. Click the ‘Details’ tab at the top of the window.
  5. From there, you’ll see a list containing attributes such as name, date, size, and more. Click under the ‘Value’ portion of the elements.
  6. The editable data will allow you to type in or delete whatever you want and replace the old information.
  7. Click ‘OK’


  1. Open the photo using ‘Preview.’
  2. Go to ‘Tools’ in your menu
  3. Select ‘Show Inspector’
  4. Select the (i) tab
  5. Click the ‘Exif’ tab and remove the data.


  1. Open the ‘Photos’ app
  2. Select the intended photo
  3. Click ‘Share’
  4. Select ‘ViewExif’
  5. Click ‘Share’
  6. Save the photo ‘Without Metadata’


  1. Open the ‘Gallery’ app
  2. Select the intended image and click ‘More.’
  3. Click ‘Details’
  4. Select ‘Edit’
  5. Click the ‘-’ symbol next to details you wish to delete

Customer Service

Customer Reviews

Buyers will only be allowed access to review your store if they have purchased a product from you. We keep it simple and ask the customer, “How did we do?” with a 5-star rating.

It is best if you evaluate the feedback internally before responding to the customer. Ensure you take ownership of any mistakes and ask for clarification if you are unclear about what the buyer is trying to say. If you are unfamiliar with how to respond to online feedback, we recommend a quick online search. The internet is full of resources! Additionally, our team is here to support you. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Statista reports that 57% of customers say reviews are a highly influential factor in their decision to buy. They also spend 31% more at businesses with excellent reviews – more trust means more sales.

Customer reviews are a big deal — so get a lot of them, and use them. 


Each product listing includes an “Ask A Question” button. The button will send you a direct message with any questions buyers may have about your product. In the buyer’s eyes, time is of the essence. The longer a business takes to respond to a problem, the less critical a customer feels. Make sure you check your inbox regularly. The best rule of thumb is to respond within 24 hours. Don’t wait too long, though, because then a buyer may spend their money elsewhere

Though each one is distinctly different, you can glean from these questions that customers struggle with either clarity (didn’t understand) or visibility (couldn’t find further info). What questions do your customers ask most often? Can you identify a theme behind their questions? What could be clearer for them? Where can you add further information so they can read more without reaching out to you?

Contact Information

Nothing frustrates customers more than when they have an issue and aren’t able to contact you. Think about your main support channels—do you offer phone support, live chat, email, messaging, texting, or social media direct messaging? All of the above?

Make sure that what you do offer is clear to your customers. That means adding your contact information in the footer of every email, front and center on your website, and across all of your social channels. Be clear on your store page on how to contact you and any additional information a customer needs before making a purchase.