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Go the extra mile

A thoughtful approach to customer service can minimize the time and money spent on returns. Quality matters more to customers than sellers think. Here are a few ways to stand out with your deliveries/shipments. Don’t be afraid to let your customers know that they are buying from a real person and not a faceless entity.

  • Incorporating a note of gratitude to your customers is a great way to thank your customers for continuing to consider your store when they want a little indulgence.
  • There are other ways to show your thanks, too: a gift or sample in each order, post-purchase discounts, and handwritten thank-you notes are all great ideas. A card with business information is even the simplest reminder of where they have purchased from a unique Arizona business!
  • Are you delivering locally? Consider adding something small in the packaging or training your delivery driver about where to place and how upon delivery to the customer’s home.
  • Offer gift-wrapping. Create this as an add-on product in your store and take the stress off of gift-giving for your customers! If enough vendors request this, we will consider allowing an extra spot just for gift-wrap!
  • Follow up! If you have time, follow up on orders. Something as simple as an email will make a big impact on customers.
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