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The Shop Arizona Marketplace utilizes PayPal as our chosen payment processor. It provides flexibility for our customers, a competitive fee schedule, and creates a simple process for paying you, our vendors! 

Vendor PayPal Connect

Setup your PayPal account connect option at their Store Manager ->Setting -> Payment -> Preferred Payment Method

Getting Paid 

When you have received an email for a new order, Local First has already collected the payment on your behalf. That includes the sales, taxes, and shipping fees you charge. 

To receive your payout for orders, you must complete the sale. This includes adding tracking information. We are alerted when your order is complete, and you will receive your payout typically within 1-2 business days in your PayPal account.

Learn more about how to complete orders on <this> page. 

Payment Details

To view, your payment details visit Store Manager -> Payments 


A large percentage of your customers will check the refund policy of your store before placing an order. Taking this into account we ensure a seamless and easy refund process for your customers. 

Customer Refund

We encourage our customers to reach out to your store directly before requesting refunds. We will always check with you first before approving any refund requests. Customers are able to request refunds from their user account under orders. 

The customer will be prompted to fill-up few fields and enter the details of refund request as shown here:

Upon approval, Local First Arizona will process the refund and seek out reimbursement from your store.

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