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Vendor Setup Wizard

The first time you log into the Store Manager you will be greeted by a Store Setup Wizard. You can skip the wizard setup and directly enter the vendor Dashboard, or you can provide the details here in a step-wise manner to pre-populate necessary details of the store. We highly recommend using the setup wizard to begin.

Step 1- Store 

Your first step is to fill out your store information such as store logo, banner, address of the store, location, and store description. Fill out as much information as possible to reduce the need to find the location to update in the future. 

Step 1 Store Setup

Step 2- Payment

We utilize PayPal as our payment processor. Please provide your PayPal account email. This will allow us to pay you directly as soon as you complete an order. For more information please visit PAYMENTS. 

Step 3- Policies

Here you will add your store policies like refund policy, shipping policy, and cancellation policy. Additionally, you can set the label for the policy tab from here. Policies are vital to customer relations and protection for both vendor and consumer. 

Step 4- Customer Support

Add the details of customer support; phone number, email address, and physical address of contact support. Not all are required but at minimum, the email address is recommended. 


Step 5- Store SEO Setup

You can update your store’s social and SEO-related settings from here. Read here about SEO and why it matters. 

  • SEO Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Facebook Title
  • Facebook Description
  • Facebook Image
  • Twitter Title
  • Twitter Description
  • Twitter Image


Step 6- Social Setup

You can also place the links of your social channels in your store for more engagement, portraying social links in your store definitely boosts your sales as it provides you more visibility. Here’s a screenshot of the page with an example of the Twitter account is set:


Step 7- You’re Ready! 

Just click on the button and we’re heading over to your Dashboard! 


Store Manager Dashboard

In addition to the wizard provided above, if you skipped any steps, you can enter the data from the Settings panel in the Store Manager dashboard here: 


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