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Represent your brand and drive traffic to your Shop Local First store utilizing the resources below. If you haven’t yet, join us on our Facebook group exclusively for members of Local First Arizona. Our members are always happy to lend a helping hand!


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Examples of Posts

Find us on the Shop Local First marketplace! From prickly pears to ponderosas, Shop Local First has unique gifts and everyday goods from standout small businesses including us! #ShopAZ

Browse our shop today at shop.localfirstaz.com/yourstore

We’re now open on the Shop Local First website! Find unique gifts or treat yourself to the best Arizona small businesses, including us! #ShopAZ

Resource Guides

How to Use Hashtags On Instagram Effectively
Wondering how to use hashtags on Instagram? You’re not alone.

Social Media Best Practices to Boost Your Personal Brand
A strong social media presence is the foundation from which you can build a world-conquering brand.

Optimal Posting Practices for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in 2021
While social media has played a significant role in our communications landscape for the last decade, many organizations still struggle to understand the best practices, and effective versus non-effective approaches on the various social channels.

How to Create a Social Media Style Guide
Social media is where brands and people alike want to see and be seen. It’s a place where you can establish a community of raving fans, a voice unique to your brand, and an identity that is unmistakably yours.

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