Shipping by Weight

Ship by Weight

Probably the easiest way to charge for shipping is to charge based on weight, this is where our “Shipping by Weight” feature comes in.

To set this up, head over to Dashboard > Settings > Shipping > chose shipping type to ship by weight button and click Save on the bottom right. 

Next, choose to configure next to the shipping by weight

Once the Shipping type is selected as “Shipping by weight” then you will be able to see all the weight-based options. See below for a few examples. 

Don’t forget to click Save before you exit! 

Save the product and test your newly added product (add to cart).

Shipping by Zone

Shipping by Zone

On the Shop Arizona Marketplace, we’d like to give you as much control as possible. That’s why within your dashboard, you have the ability to set up various “shipping methods” for different “shipping classes.” The details below are for setting up Shipping by Zone.

Before you being, lets quickly go over the different between shipping methods and shipping classes:

Shipping Method

A shipping method is the type of shipping you offer. For example, you may wish to send your items out via USPS First Class, UPS Ground, or Local Pickup.

Shipping Classes

Shipping classes allow you to split your shipping method into price brackets. Usually, it will cost more/less to ship an item based on different variables such as size & weight. Shipping classes allow you to charge extra for shipping accordingly.

By using classes, you’re able to specify various prices based on a the shipping class you assign the product.

In the example above, you can specify that the large product to be sent via first class is $12.00, whereas the small box of the product is $4.00.

How to setup Shipping by Zone

Navigate to your Dashboard > Settings > Shipping menu and select “Enable Shipping.”

Don’t forget to click on SAVE on the bottom right before moving on!

Select your desired “Processing Time” and “Shipping Type” – In this instance, you want to select configure for “Shipping by Zone.”

This will reveal the available zones in Arizona or Everywhere Else (United States). Click “Edit” under Arizona if this rate is only available in AZ. Click Everywhere Else for shipping within the United States.

On the new page, click “+ Add Shipping Method” and select “Flat Rate” from the drop-down, and click “Add Shipping Method” at the bottom of the page.

This will open a model box; under the “Select Shipping Method,” select “Flat Rate” and click “Add Shipping Method.

Click “Edit” under the newly created Flat Rate method

This will open a dialog box with various costs assigned to a pre-defined list of shipping classes.

You’ll want to rename the “Method Title” with shipping type, e.g., Shipping or local pickup.

You can repeat the process for each of your shipping methods (First Class, Overnight, Flat Rate, Local Pickup, etc.).

You’re now ready to assign a product to a shipping class. Head over to your “Products” menu and enter the product edit screen.

Scroll down the page and find the “Shipping tab,” and select the desired shipping class you wish to assign the product to.

Save the product and test your newly added product (add to cart).