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Whether it’s a family or emergency, the Shop Arizona Marketplace provides the option to put your store on hold or leave a message for your customers while you are away.

Under Store Manager > Settings, you will see an option for Vacation Mode on the bottom left of your options. Clicking on this will open the window below.

Here you must check on Enable Vacation Mode.
You may disable purchases while your store is in vacation mode
You have two options which are “Instantly Close” or “Datewise Close.”

If you want your store to be scheduled for a specific time, choose Datewise Close and enter the desired dates.
Don’t forget to place an away message, advising our customers about any important information they need to know while your store is closed. Don’t forget to click on Save on the bottom right when you are done!

If you choose to Instantly Close, you will need to disable vacation mode upon returning to reopen your store for orders!

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