PHOENIX: Let’s Eat Local!

Phoenix is rooted in local food– from your favorite neighborhood spot to the nationally touted chef-driven restaurant; the rancher and farmer who provide local meat, dairy, and produce to our communities; a backyard gardener who grows their own food and shares with their neighbor; to food justice advocates distributing healthy, fresh food in food-insecure neighborhoods. This is Phoenix’s thriving local food culture. A resilient local community that loves and values where it lives. A city as diverse and vibrant as the residents who call it home. These strong, inclusive food hubs begin with hometown pride, community support, and making sure our local food businesses not only exist, but thrive!

Phoenix: Let’s Eat Local! is a campaign that celebrates the connection between Phoenix residents and the makers, growers, and advocates building stronger food systems in our local food communities. It is an invitation for residents to learn about our local food communities, celebrate our diverse food pathways, and help our local food businesses become more resilient and robust for ourselves and for future generations.

A.T. Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop
Iconic Cocktail Co.
The Fair Trade Cafe
Garden Bar Phx
Mr Ks Cookies
Original Elderberry Co.
Witnessing Nature in Food
Pip Coffee + Clay

What is a Local Food System?

Local food systems are circular food production and consumption networks that operate within a limited geographic area. Put simply, food is grown, processed, prepared, eaten, and recycled (composted) in the same area.

Local food systems are built on ecological care, diversification, social justice, local economies, and resilient webs of production and consumption. This circular system reduces the dependence on a global, industrial food system and focuses on building resilient communities that increase trust and social connectedness between producers, farmers, and consumers.

Supporting a Resilient Local Food System

The City of Phoenix’s Resilient Food Systems Initiative offers a variety of programs and resources to help develop a stronger, connected local food system with more accessible and sustainable food options for Phoenix residents. Some of these programs include:

  • Providing pathways to build sustainable business models: The Sustainable Cooperative Food Business Training program focuses on developing cooperative food business skills and provides participants with training on all business areas needed to implement a business plan.

  • Training the next generation of growers: The Phoenix Urban Agriculture Fellowship program provides hands-on experience and training for those interested in growing within the City of Phoenix. A local host farm trains participating fellows on various growing methods and exposes them to all relevant aspects of the farm.

  • Encouraging residents to adopt sustainable practices in everyday life: The Food Waste and Composting Education Project will be a free, one-year program that provides food waste and composting education, training, and access to a compost service for up to 500 residents living in food insecure areas.

  • Empowering residents to grow their own food: The Backyard Garden Program offers funding for up to 178 residents located in food-insecure neighborhoods to create backyard gardens and community gardens using aquaponics, raised beds, and other water-conservation growing methods.

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