Unique jewelry, handcrafted in Tucson, Arizona by Kira Geddes

Visit the Casa Kira website, casa kira.com for a larger selection and easy shopping experience.

The Casa Kira studio is located in Tucson and open by appointment and for Open Houses and special events featuring guest artists and donation drives for local nonprofits. Visit the Casa Kira website, casa kira.com for event info or subscribe to my newsletter to receive invitations to events. Follow on Instagram: @casakiratucson and Casa Kira Facebook page to view newest designs. 

I work with fair trade and ethically sourced materials from around the world. Every design is a limited edition or an original work.
I place a strong emphasis on “Localness” and Supporting the Local Arizona economy. I’m a proud member of Local First Arizona.

We all know it’s great to shop local, and when community stores carry locally handcrafted products, it’s even better. I work hard to connect with local buyers and teach them the benefits of dealing with local artists. 

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