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Empowering our community one artist at a time! This studio has been the dreams of Miss K since she was in high school spending her evenings with her face in a book and her heart in the clouds. This boutique is to highlight local + global artists AND ensure they are paid an equitable price for their art! As an artist myself, fair payment can be so hard to stand up for! But I want to make it easy for all artists to do this, + easy for consumers to be part of!​ This is going to be a studio focused on artists + community. Open mic nights. Game nights. Study days/nights (how does a 24/7 quiet place with coffee/tea/water and free wifi sound?). Galleries. Library. Education. Mentorship programs. Amphitheaters + live concerts. Community meals. What are your dreams? What do you want to build? Let’s do it! Let’s build our community, our people, + our world up. It’s time.


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