UPGO MEANS TO ASCEND. Our team of young entrepreneurs is proudly based in Phoenix, Arizona where we met playing Pop Warner football at the ages of 5 years old. Twenty years later, those same kids from Arizona went on to be US Olympians, NFL football players, NCAA collegiate athletes and launched UpGo. Similar to how we seek to ascend in our own lives, our company UpGo Supplements works to help people across the health spectrum ascend in their daily lives.

UpGo is designed to help make the routine of nutrition & supplementation more efficient. The foundation of a healthy lifestyle starts with building strong daily habits, and that is why UpGo was created. The goal is to take a step in the direction of total human peak performance while offering quality supplements that a professional athlete would take.

The trust and belief we have in each other has allowed us to work closely as a team, and align our goals & mission as a company to provide high quality supplements to those who are trying to improve their overall health and wellness. As athletes, we understand & appreciate the importance of nutrition and supplementation in sport, and it’s now a priority of ours to deliver that same value to you as you ascend in your life’s path.

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