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From prickly pears to ponderosas, the Shop Arizona Marketplace has unique gifts and everyday goods from the standout small businesses that make you proud to call Arizona home. Register your business today!

Did you know that 64% of consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping? We’re seeing trends with a 30% higher mobile conversion rate for small businesses than big-box retailers. It is time to take advantage of this invitation that is exclusive to Local First Arizona members only! 

What is the Shop Arizona Marketplace?
Shop AZ is a one-of-a-kind eCommerce site that will showcase unique products, art, gift cards, and more from small businesses across Arizona. A shopper can pick out a candle for a friend, a gift card for a parent, and treats for a pet, all in one easy to navigate website purchase.

Want in?
There is only a one-time setup fee of $100 as long as you maintain an active membership with Local First Arizona. Local First will not take a percentage of sales from any purchases. Instead, we will ask customers when they check out if they want to add a donation during their purchase. Local First will use those bonus dollars to maintain the website, staff, and continue providing resources to the community.

Your responsibilities?
List your ten best products! Not only do we want to aggregate your products collectively, but we want to direct traffic back to your website. Start by placing your top 10 selling products on the Shop Arizona Marketplace. You will have complete control of how to present and price your products!

You will be responsible for shipping items, managing inventory, and customer communications. Local First is actively collecting the best resources to provide you with best practices such as shipping, managing inventory, photographing products, and more. We are always available to you as support!

A customer will pay for their purchase, and Local First will receive the funds. Then, weekly on Wednesday, you will receive a disbursement of the orders (including taxes and shipping) you have marked complete.

Now that you’re ready —
Follow this link and apply to become a vendor today! Once approved, you will be provided with tools and resources to gain sales successfully! Let us work together to leverage our localness and provide a standout experience for anyone that wishes to show their Arizona pride!
  • Enter your email and click on the ‘code’ box to receive your code! You only need to click once.
  • You must read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before clicking submit as it contains valuable information for the approval of your application.
  • All vendors of the marketplace must be active members of Local First Arizona. You can join or renew online here.
  • Upon approval of your application, you will receive a Vendor Agreement through DocuSign.




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