Studies show that one of the main reasons for cart abandonment is the shipping fee. Most buyers don’t appreciate a separate cost added to their products at checkout.  We highly recommend entering the shipping fee into the price of the product. However, you also have control over shipping within your store. Local First Arizona has gathered information to assist you with successful fulfillment!

Free Shipping

If you add a shipping premium to the product’s cost, this option will not hurt your margins. For example, you might charge $25 instead of $20 and include free shipping.  Not only is free shipping enticing to buyers, but you can use it as a marketing tool.

Free Local Delivery

Once you know where you’re delivering from, it’s time to figure out where you’re delivering to. You can be very specific about which areas you do and do not deliver to, setting your delivery area using postal or ZIP codes. Or you can set a radius around your location to identify your delivery area, but keep in mind this gives you less jurisdiction over specific areas or neighborhoods. 

The larger your radius, the more customers who are eligible for local delivery. This could lead to more sales but also means you might need more help with delivery. If you have a few staff members who can deliver, setting a larger delivery area may be ideal. If you’re doing deliveries yourself, you might want to set a smaller area. Either way, start small and adjust as needed.

Code for Free Shipping

You have the option to offer coupon codes to customers. An example of its use might be offering Free Shipping for any order over $35 (for example) with a coupon code.

Free in-store pickup & Curbside Service

Small businesses have had to pivot their selling methods and strategies at the drop of a hat. For many small businesses and mom and pop shops, curbside is currently the only way to keep their formerly in-store focused businesses going. Curbside Pickup allows your customers to buy a product online, receive an email when it is ready, and allow them to drive to your storefront’s “curb” to pick it up. 

Here is an overview of what a local pickup experience may look like for your store:
  1. Your customer will place an order and pay you online through your online store.
  2. You’ll get the order emailed to you so that you can prepare it safely.
  3. You’ll tell the customer when it’s ready for pickup and provide them any other relevant instructions (e.g., your store hours or a phone number to call when they arrive).
  4. Your customer will come to pick up their order.
  5. That’s it, and you’re done!

Tip: Data shows that online shoppers spend 23% more and have a 25% higher cart size when independent retailers offer convenient ordering options like local pickup and local delivery. Furthermore, online shoppers that chose local pickup or local delivery during checkout had a 13% and 19% higher conversion rate than shoppers who selected shipping at checkout.

Local First Members — Shipping Supplies & Resources

Wist — LFA members receive a 10% discount and free shipping! 

Roadrunner Office Supply – Tucson

QOffice – Flagstaff

True North Shipping 

Mail & More at Arrowhead

If you are a member of your local chamber of commerce, you may also ask if they have businesses that provide discounts to members. 

Non-member courier services (have not been vetted by LFA; we recommend you research and inquire about services)

On-Demand Courier – Phoenix Metro 

Arrow Express – Northern/Rural Arizona 

Reliable Couriers – Southern Arizona

United States Postal Service 

Request Free Supplies

Schedule a pickup

How to measure and prepare your package

Pricing structure

Click ‘N Ship

If this is your first time shipping products and need guidance, please reach out to our team, and we can assist you: shop@localfirstaz.com.


If you don’t already have a shipping solution, you have the option to sign up for Shippo and integrate label printing and shipping discounts right into your store manager. Learn more about Shippo here.

Go the extra mile

A thoughtful approach to customer service can minimize the time and money spent on returns. Quality matters more to customers than sellers think. Here are a few ways to stand out with your deliveries/shipments. Don’t be afraid to let your customers know that they are buying from a real person and not a faceless entity.

  • Incorporating a note of gratitude to your customers is a great way to thank your customers for continuing to consider your store when they want a little indulgence.
  • There are other ways to show your thanks, too: a gift or sample in each order, post-purchase discounts, and handwritten thank-you notes are all great ideas. A card with business information is even the simplest reminder of where they have purchased from a unique Arizona business!
  • Are you delivering locally? Consider adding something small in the packaging or training your delivery driver about where to place and how upon delivery to the customer’s home.
  • Offer gift-wrapping. Create this as an add-on product in your store and take the stress off of gift-giving for your customers! If enough vendors request this, we will consider allowing an extra spot just for gift-wrap!
  • Follow up! If you have time, follow-up on orders. Something as simple as an email will make a big impact on customers.